25 Essentials: Techniques for Smoking

By Ardie A. Davis, a.k.a. Remus Powers, Ph.B.

smoking_cover_thumbSmoking is a classic method of cooking with fire, but how many home cooks can confidently say they really know the basics of preparing great smoked food? Overstuffed tomes full of exotic recipes for smoked food abound, but where can the would-be smoker turn for simple, easy-to-access information on the subject? In 25 Essentials: Techniques for Smoking, barbecue expert Ardie A. Davis makes it easy and fun to learn techniques such as smoke baking, smoke roasting, rotisserie smoking, spray basting, brining, and mopping, with recipes featuring favorite smoked foods like brisket, fish, pork shoulder, and turkey.

Davis, who cooks and competes under the ’cue moniker Remus Powers, offers simple and delicious recipes such as Braggin’ Rights Brisket, Smoked Stuffed Chile Poppers, Classic Barbecued Spareribs, and Alder-Smoked Salmon Fillet, each accompanied by a mouthwatering color photo. With a lay-flat spiral binding for easy use next to the grill or smoker, the book also offers a concise but thorough introduction covering all the basics of fire building, equipment, and ingredients. With Ardie Davis as their guide, anyone can master the art of perfectly smoked food. Simple, short, and sweet, this book is truly an essential for anyone who seeks to become a confident backyard chef.


“Back in the day when I was trying to make my culinary bones in the barbecue world, I sought out the wise guidance of Ardie Davis, channeling his inner barbecue shaman Remus Powers. In this book, his collected years of experience are available to everyone; this is a must-read for all barbecue adventurers.”

Chris Schlesinger, chef/owner of East Coast Grill and coauthor of Grill It!, Barbecue, and Let the Flames Begin

“This is a crafty book, written by a legendary figure in competition BBQ. By the time you make your way through this book you will have had a solid and thorough introduction to pairing wood with meat … There have been a number of books we have reviewed that we have designated as excellent primers for someone new to the hobby of smoking. [Ardie Davis’s] 25 Essentials: Techniques for Smoking tops them all.”

Eric Devlin, Home of BBQ.com

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