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  • National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

    Happy National Grilled Cheese Day! This is surely a momentous day for us all. I think it’s important for us all to pause a moment and take a good look at how Grilled Cheese has been a part of our lives. Grilled Cheese really pulled through for me in middle school, when I wasn’t quite ready to absorb recipes requiring more than two ingredients. Or there was that time where I was in between part time jobs, struggling financially, when Grilled Cheese was always there, sometimes three times a day. Or lately, when I’ve been too busy to get to the grocery store, Grilled Cheese always seems to understand. And I could never forget those days after nights of drinking, Grilled Cheese always knows how to make me feel better.

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  • Eastover

    What happens when you grow up in a reform dual-religion household? Some holidays just have to get mixed together.

    Most years, my family celebrates ChristMukah, when Christmas and Hanukah overlap. This year, I will be celebrating EastOver: Passover Seder on Friday followed by Easter dinner on Sunday. This will definitely be a full weekend of eating– except on years like this I can’t really have my cake and eat it too… unless it’s a flourless cake, that is. That’s due to the fact that for the week of Passover, I refrain from eating any bread to commemorate the Jews leaving slavery-riden Egypt in a hurry, lacking time to prepare fully leavened bread. So, definitely no Easter egg cakes for me this year (see tomorrow’s post…!). Since it will be pretty hard to walk away from a table filled with pastel pastries, I decided to bring a Passover-friendly dessert: Flourless Pistachio Cookies from Jennifer Felicia Abadi’s A Fistful of Lentils. With a slight green tint, these will be the perfect “EastOver” cookies!

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  • Best of the Web: St. Patrick’s Day Edition Part 2!

    It was hard to narrow it down to just five recipes for the second installation of this week’s Best of the Web series. These recipes combine great ideas and ingredients to put a spin on this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day. Thank you to all of the creative bloggers who have contributed to this post!

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  • Announcing: Beer Cocktails!

    We are excited to announce that it’s almost time for the release of Howard and Ashley Stelzer‘s new book, Beer Cocktails, which will be on shelves in early May!

    What’s a beer cocktail, you ask? It’s a drink made with beer plus all kinds of extra ingredients like molasses, blackberries, coffee liquer, egg, and even chocolate bacon for garnish. Stelzer explains in the opening chapter of the book that beer cocktails actually aren’t a new phenomenon– they have been around for quite some time, even before traditional cocktails.

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  • The Year Without Snow (Days)

    This year in New England, we have seen an unseasonably warm winter. Sure that sounds great, but there’s one very important thing I’ve missed this year: snow days. This is my last year of college, and I think the only year of my life void of one of these magical days off from school.

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  • A Delicious Dessert With a Mysterious History

    Did you know that states have official doughnuts? I sure didn’t. Okay, not all states have official doughnuts, but you know the ones that make the list are going to be good. Like the official state doughnut of Louisiana, the Beignet. These crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, deep-fried powder-sugared treats might have your arteries frowning, but your mouth will be smiling.

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  • Cheers to Valentine’s Day!

    Today will be a little bit different from the past twenty Valentine’s Days I have lived. This is my 21st Valentine’s day, which means it’s the first one in which I can have my very own Valentine cocktail!

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  • Best of the Web: Valentine’s Day, Part 1

    With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, these bloggers are pulling out all the stops and are cooking up some amazing dishes that are just as fun to look at as they are to eat! Make sure to check back later today for the second installment of our Best of the Web series and more V-Day sweets and treats.

    Vegan Strawberry Cashew Milk Shake

    If you’re a parent, this is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your children! Blend some up in the morning before school for a festive breakfast. Bonus points if you can find straws as cute as The Tomato Tart did for hers!

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  • Valentine Truffles

    Last Valentine’s Day, I had the amazing fortune of spending the holiday with my boyfriend in Paris. Sure, it was a run-down hotel in the grungy district of the city, and the room smelled like cigarettes and you didn’t want to walk barefoot on the floor, but we were 20 and on a budget and in Paris for Valentine’s Day, so it didn’t really matter. What’s better than Valentine’s day in Paris? Can’t think of anything? Neither can I.

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  • Even More Best of the Web! Superbowl Sunday Edition

    Nora is more my kind of fan: she’s routing for the Patriots, and rightfully so. Here are her picks for best Superbowl snacks found around the web…

    Spiced Sweet Potato Chips
    Instead of buying chips and crackers to dip in the Mahummara Dip from Taylor’s post, try these baked chips from Savour the Senses that aren’t too greasy but packed with tons of flavor.

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  • A Healthy Superbowl Sunday?

    I don’t always watch the Superbowl, but when I do it’s only because the Patriots are playing! On Sunday I’ll make the hour-long trek out of the city to my south shore Massachusetts hometown to watch the game with my Patriots-enthusiast-filled family. I’m already doubling up on gym time in preparation for the epic feast that will be going down in my house.

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