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Michael Natkin joins ChefSteps.com!

Posted by Adam

Monday November 26, 2012

When we first started working with Michael Natkin, author of our recently released HERBIVORACIOUS, there was a lot to say for his passion behind the counter. Michael has worked in a variety of restaurant kitchens in different roles, including stints at Cafe Flora and Canlis, both in Seattle, and at Dirt Candy in NYC. When he wasn’t programming for Adobe by day, he was posting recipes to his blog and creating inventive new vegetarian dishes.

So it comes as no surprise that, after leaving his job at Adobe of many years, he has found himself at a new Seattle-based cooking start-up. The company, ChefSteps.com is a free-to-learn online culinary school that demystifies both the traditional and modernist cooking techniques that are used in today’s kitchens. They’re in the process of rolling out a course-by-course approach to cooking demonstrations, explaining both the how and the why behind these techniques. The first course focuses on sous vide cooking, which is one of the “buzz phrases” in both professional and consumer kitchens. Want to learn more about sous vide and how you can do it at home? Or not even sure what sous vide is and want to find out? ChefSteps.com is your go-to resource!

We’re looking forward to the full launch of the site, with other courses to come on many types of cooking topics. You can see Michael’s blog post about his new position here, with more details on what the company will be doing. Stay tuned!

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