Fish and Shellfish, Grilled and Smoked

300 Foolproof Recipes for Everything from Amberjack to Whitefish, Plus Really Good Rubs, Marvelous Marinades, Sassy Sauces, and Sumptuous Sides

By Karen Adler, Judith M. Fertig


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Never before has fresh fish been more readily available or popular than it is today. In Fish & Shellfish, Grilled & Smoked, grill experts Karen Adler and Judith Fertig demonstrate just how easy it is to make delicious, perfectly grilled or smoked fish and shellfish. They start by covering all the basics of equipment, techniques, and fish substitution guidelines, then provide easy-to-follow recipes as simple as Balsamic Smoked Haddock or Tequila-Lime Grilled Shrimp, and as elegant as Oak-Planked Salmon Charmoula or Thai-Style Stir-Grilled Snapper in Lemongrass Marinade. Adler and Fertig round out their collection of recipes with everything the backyard cook needs to complete a perfect meal: marinades, rubs, relishes, and sauces, as well as side dishes made both on and off the grill.


“Who says that barbecue is a guy thing?  Karen Adler and Judith Fertig are masters of smoke and fire, and their mouthwatering new book tells you everything you need to know about grilling and smoking fish and shellfish.”
—Steven Raichlen, author of The Barbecue Bible and How to Grill

“When I think of fish and seafood I think of the West coast and the East coast. When I think of smoking and grilling I think of the Midwest. Judith and Karen have brought them together with this book of excellent and exciting recipes. I recommend this cookbook to everybody—it’s that good.”
—Paul Kirk, author of Paul Kirk’s Championship Barbecue Sauces

“From amberjack to whitefish and from aioli to wasabi, Judith Fertig and Karen Adler have compiled a complete guide to grilling and smoking seafood at home, including bountiful accompanying sauces and side dishes. This book should be at the top of the kitchen cookbook pile.“
—Des Fitzgerald, founder of Ducktrap River Fish Farm

“Judith and Karen have mastered the art of using fire and smoke to create wonderful, flavorful, and simple recipes that you will use many times over. “
—Waldy Malouf, author of The Hudson River Valley Cookbook and chef/co-owner of Beacon Restaurant

“Grilling and smoking are among the finest cooking methods for fish and shellfish, and Judith and Karen are among the finest home cooks we know. With them as your guides, you’ll soon serve up flavor, fun, and even a boatload of fish tales.”
—Cheryl Alters Jamison and Bill Jamison, authors of Smoke & Spice, Born to Grill, and American Home Cooking

Fish and Shellfish, Grilled and Smoked teaches you everything you would want to know about grilling and smoking seafood. It also has a global approach in that it provides a great variety of recipes that incorporate ingredients and techniques from all corners of the world.“
—Marcus Samuelsson, executive chef/co-owner of Restaurant Aquavit

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Published: April 2012
Pages: 416
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