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Soups and Stones to Warm Your Bones

Posted by Veronica

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Maine Corn Chowder

Massachusetts has been suffering tremendously through of all the snow we’ve gotten this winter, and even the toughest of New Englanders are grumbling. It’s cold. Our feet hurt from running after buses that never stop. We’re tired of shoveling our driveways and digging out our cars. Our hair freezes on top of our heads if we don’t properly blow-dry, and our iced coffees (from Dunks or not) freeze and crackle during our morning commute.

(No, Bostonians never give up their iced coffee. Not even in the briskest of conditions.)

This is not the season for crisp, refreshing drinks and dinners. The best way to warm up is from the inside out, and we’ve complied some great soup and stew recipes for you to test out while you’re snowed in…!

Since it’s the New Englanders who are really in need, let’s kick it off with a dish with roots here at home. That’s right,...

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Fat Tuesday Fun!

Posted by Veronica

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

someecards mardi grasvia

Mardi Gras, which culminates on Fat Tuesday, is once again upon us. If you practice Lent, this means one last day of indulging before fasting commences. And even if you don’t, you’re still welcome to partake in this day of feasting, dancing, and all around celebrating. If you can’t make it to New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, or even Boston’s South End celebration, never fear! You can still celebrate a traditional Mardi Gras at home with a bit of classic fare.

In the United States, Louisiana is home to our biggest Mardi Gras celebrations and traditions. And it doesn’t get more traditional than some good old-fashioned Cajun cooking! Eula Mae has a delicious Chicken and Ham Jambalaya recipe that is sure to warm you up and keep you reveling (see below!).

Complete the meal with a Cajun Comfort cocktail, beignets, and a King Cake!

Recipe: Chicken and Ham Jambalaya


  • • 1 fryer chicken (about 3 pounds),...

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Red Velvet Oreo Showdown

Posted by Emily

Friday, February 13, 2015

Homemade Oreos Recipe

After months of rumors circling, Nabisco finally confirmed the inevitable: A limited-edition Red Velvet Oreo would be released in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.

We, publishers of Deborah Harroun’s Red Velvet Lover’s Cookbook, saw this not as a threat, but a challenge. Would our recipe for red velvet “oreos” be able to hold its own against the hype of Nabisco’s packaged version? In all of its perfectly round, uniform, and manufactured glory?

We sought to find out.

homemade versus store-bought cookies

Deborah’s recipe seemed almost too easy. Though it boasted a wealth of ingredients, they were all pantry staples we already had on hand. During its mere 7 minutes of baking time, we assembled the creamy, luscious filling. The entire project, clean-up included, was completed in well under an hour, leaving us panicking and asking “what did we forget?!” before inviting our fellow Food Lofters to partake in a taste test that may go down in the...

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Baker + the Bartender

Posted by Emily

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Still in need of gift ideas for your Valentine? Put together a gift basket, matching a cookbook (or three!) with accompanying accessories and kitchen tools!

Valentine's Day Food Gift Basket

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Red Velvet Lover’s Cookbook
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Wine Cocktails
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