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California Cuisine

Posted by Tori

Monday, August 17, 2015

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The fusion of the esteemed wine country, the fresh produce of the Central Valley, the close proximity to flavorful Mexico, as well as the thriving foodie hubs of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, have produced a regional food culture unlike any other. California’s cuisine is one that reshapes tradition and sets nationwide trends.

Growing up in Southern California determined my deep appreciation for food. I will always be nostalgic for Friday nights spent with my family at our neighborhood Mexican restaurant, the same one my dad has been frequenting since he was a child. I miss late night In-n-Out trips, picking juicy oranges off the tree in my backyard, and the fresh tortillas that my parents pressed in our kitchen.

As a Californian living in Boston, I’m notorious for encouraging everyone I know to take a vacation in “the greatest state” (so what if I’m a little biased?). While...

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How To Eat Breakfast for Every Meal

Posted by Natalie

Thursday, August 13, 2015

“Why would anyone ever eat anything besides breakfast food?” — Leslie Knope

Despite having claimed the title of “Most Important Meal of the Day” for years (centuries?) now, breakfast is still the most skipped meal in America. The worker-bees of our society would rather get out the door a few minutes earlier than sit down and enjoy a wholesome breakfast to kick off their days. Often, people reduce this wonderful meal to nothing but a measly cup of coffee. I love coffee as much as the next person, but on its own, it just doesn’t do breakfast justice.

Think about it: a steaming stack of pancakes drizzled with syrup, cheesy scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, granola, and fruit… okay, I’m making myself hungry.

I’m not going to go on about how you should eat breakfast every morning because it’s healthy (which it is), but here’s the thing. You can eat breakfast WHENEVER YOU WANT....

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New England Food Tour

Posted by Tori

Friday, August 7, 2015

vintage rhode island postcard

There are a few quintessential food adventures that every New Englander knows all too well: the feel of cracking that fresh caught lobster while sitting seaside at the Cape, the joy of happening upon a Del’s Lemonade cart, the excitement of plucking the reddest, shiniest apple right off the tree. Living in Boston, we’re lucky to be no more than a short drive, train ride, or walk from some of the best food in the nation.

For any food lover appreciative of deeply ingrained tradition and locally harvested eats, a visit to the New England region is a must. However, if you can’t make it up to the Northeast, we’re here to help! You can bring the classic flavors of New England to your dinner table this summer and sample a little something from every state.

brooke dojny lobster

Every American knows that “Maine” is synonymous with “lobster,” and no trip to the northernmost part...

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Beeting Out Artificial Dyes

Posted by Natalie

Thursday, August 6, 2015

I think most all of us can agree that red velvet cake is up there in best-ever desserts. The rich texture and uniquely delicious flavor of this classic recipe has made it one of the most popular cake flavors in the country. And there’s something about that deep, luxurious red that puts this dessert over the top.

Though we know some of you are hesitant to take in anything with food coloring. Artificial dyes can’t exactly be described as healthy, and most red velvet recipes contain quite a bit. It is true that, scientifically, the cake would taste the same if you left out the food coloring (contrary to popular belief, red velvet is not just chocolate dyed red!). But that cake would be terribly boring. And when it comes to flavor, some things are beyond the realm of science. Red velvet cake is more delicious when it’s dressed in its signature...

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