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Pasta Party

Posted by Alexa

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I could live off of pasta. I don’t know how long eating only this delicious form of carbohydrates would keep me alive, but for that period of time, I would be one happy camper. My personal food pyramid is pretty much just that bottom tier, where all the breads, grains, cereals, and pastas go. That and coffee, wherever coffee fits in (where does it fit in?!).

Please don’t worry about my diet. I do eat the occasional apple.

Anyway, it’s been difficult for me to find good pasta while I’m at school living off of campus food, and it’s one thing I really do miss. With limited kitchen supplies, it’s also not easy for me to make very exciting pasta dishes on my own… but that sure doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about it. I’ve been scouring our cookbooks here, on the hunt for pasta dishes to make for myself, my...

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The Versatility of Coconut Oil

Posted by Alexa

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

If you’ve followed any blog or website at least somewhat related to beauty within the last month, then you’ve probably heard of this new trend–or, rather, age-old trick experiencing a comeback–of oil pulling: the swishing around of coconut oil in one’s mouth for upwards of 15-20 minutes, to improve oral health– specifically, whiten teeth and strengthen gums.

Organic coconut oil, though it seems, comes at a pretty penny. So we wanted to investigate: what else can one use coconut oil for, specifically in the kitchen?

Since the base of this Coconut Oatmeal Cookie from The Baker Mama features coconut oil, the shredded coconut isn’t the only thing giving these cookies that light, sweet flavor. Not a big raisin fan? Try substituting cranberries or another favorite dried fruit.

Speaking of fruit, it’s always great to start your day off with it– and a triple dose of coconut doesn’t hurt either. These Blueberry Coconut Muffins from Two...

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Irish Potato Griddle Scones

Posted by Ellen

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays in which I find my stomach grumbling just thinking about it. I don’t have a single drop of Irish blood in my veins, but I felt like a true Celtic woman every 17th of March when I sit down at the dinner table.

St. Patty’s Day is a particularly special holiday in my house, for it is the anniversary of the day my parents met– so there is twice the reason to celebrate! Luckily, mom’s idea of a celebration involves lots of homemade holiday-themed food; every year at home I would be graced with corn beef, cabbage, Irish pastries, and of course, heaps of potatoes.

Since St. Patrick’s Day is so important to my existence, I decided to do a little celebrating in the kitchen myself this year, and I whipped up Irish Potato Griddle Scones from Prairie Home Cooking. I was delighted to find that...

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March Showers Bring Cauliflowers

Posted by Issy

Friday, March 14, 2014

Ah March, the month when, here in freezing and tired Boston at least, we begin to cling to the fleeting fifty-degree days, and snow is finally being shrugged off and melted away. With winter retreating, we remember some of the promises we made to ourselves at the birth of 2014. I’m talking about a little thing called “that New Year’s Resolution you totally forgot about.” I know how difficult resolutions to eat healthier and start working out are to keep, and March is the month by which we’ve either all given up, or are working through in order to prove that we can complete our year of health.

While in my hometown over spring break, it was nearly impossible to stay away from the local [unhealthy] restaurants I feel I lived at once upon a teenagehood. Burgers, fries, chocolate shakes, burritos, Chinese food: you name it, I had a place. However,...

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