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#TipTuesday featuring The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook

Posted by Emily

Monday, December 9, 2013

These tips come from Kathy Strahs‘s The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook, as a part of our #PaniniHappyHolidays campaign. Check back each Tuesday in December for for tips + tricks for getting the most out of your panini press, and for the full guide and experience, snag yourself a copy of the book!

Panini Press Tips // Kathy Strahs // #PaniniHappyHolidays

[ The butter/oil will also make for more defined grill marks on your panini-- a nice aesthetic touch! ]Panini Press Tips // Kathy Strahs // #PaniniHappyHolidays[ Kathy Strahs on choosing the best bread for your panini. If you do want to grill with softer breads, just be sure to cut thicker slices. ]

Panini Press Tips // Kathy Strahs // #PaniniHappyHolidays[ You'll enjoy your panini press so much more if you think outside the box and play around with other creative options for breads...! ]

Panini Press Grill Cleaning Tips

[ Melted cheese and stuck-on food bits come with the territory! For stubborn pieces, unplug the grill and, while its still hot, try to loosen and lift off as many bits...

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Holiday Spirit(s)

Posted by Rachel

Monday, December 9, 2013

Happy Holidays! We are now two weeks into December, which means the season of holiday parties and family gatherings is approaching fast, if not already here for some of you. This time of year can be chaotic, but don’t fret! Whether you’re hosting the biggest bash of the year, or just want to relax by the fireplace, we’ve got you covered with a list of drinks that are sure to impress.

First up, there’s the Bubbly Poinsettia from A.J. Rathburn’s Champagne Cocktails. Have you ever tried a Shirley Temple? Before I turned 21, this was always my go-to drink. Well just like a Shirley Temple, the Bubbly Poinsettia is made with grenadine, which means it’s sweet, delicious, and of course, a beautiful shade of bright red. Even better, it has the extra kick that goes along with the other key ingredients – gin, champagne, and maraschino liqueur.

Click here for Bubbly Poinsettia recipe

Eggnog is...

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How to Throw a Panini Party

Posted by Emily

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sample Panini Party Invitation

Make your own panini party invitation at PaperlessPost.com!

We’ve seen some really fun—not to mention mouthwatering—single subject party ideas here over the years. Bloody Mary bars, fondue functions, desserts-in-jars parties. But today we’re excited to focus on a get-together that will feel like Christmas morning for sandwich lovers: the panini party. We’ve rounded up some of the best tips for panini entertaining from Kathy Strahs, blogger behind PaniniHappy.com and author of our new The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook.

The set-up is fairly simple: unless you have an actual bar-area countertop, we recommend clearing off your kitchen table and using that for your buffet. Then begin laying out the pieces:

How to Throw a Panini Party

Bread //
Place bread at the beginning of the assembly line. Whether you offer a variety of rolls, baguettes, ciabatta slices, etc., or just one type of bread is up to you.

Spreads //
Spreading olive oil or butter on the outside of the bread prior to assembly will add...

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Easy Weeknight Meals Between Holiday Dinners

Posted by August

Friday, December 6, 2013

My family is all about food. My mom checks out a stack of cookbooks from the library almost every week  (and thanks to #BooksForCooks I have the perfect present for her). My thirteen- and fifteen-year-old brothers both voluntarily watch cooking shows and throw around phrases like braise and blanch when they make dinner for the family. The holidays only bring out their foodie tendencies further. Both my parents bake at least 15 varieties of Christmas cookies and make plates of them for all of our close family and friends. Their holiday parties and family dinners are a multi-course affair with all of the stops pulled out.

The care and extravagance that goes into these meals is a big part of what makes the holidays so special, but it can be exhausting. It’s easy to find yourself so busy prepping for a party that the meals between events get neglected.  That being said, I’ve run across...

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