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Herbivoracious in the News

Herbivoracious was included in The Washington Post’s “Top Cookbooks of 2012” roundup. “If we had to choose one book to cook from in 2012, this would be it.” Read full article here.

Michael’s recipe for Persian Rice Pilaf with a Crispy Crust featured in the Miami Herald.

Michael interviewed on FOOD AND WINE TALK WSFG, a part of South Florida Gourmet. Click here to listen.

Book and recipe featured in the Seattle Times’ Pacific NW Magazine.

Featured on Recipe Renovator: “Gorgeous photos by the author, wonderful new techniques, fantastic flavors, easy-to-follow instructions. Gluten-free options are listed for most recipes, and vegan options for many recipes.” Click here for full review.

Michael Natkin profiled as a dad food blogger on Diets In Review for Father’s Day.

Review and recipe for Ten-Minute Chickpea Salad on Shockingly Delicious: “…every once in awhile, a new book comes along that catapults immediately to favorite-child status. That is the book ‘Herbivoracious,’ and the subtitle nearly says it all: ‘A flavor revolution, with 150 vibrant and original vegetarian recipes.’” Read full post here.

Herbivoracious was nominated for a James Beard Award in the “Vegetable Focused and Vegetarian” category. Winners will be announced May 3, 2013.

Brussels Sprout and Apple Hash recipe featured on Real Moms Love to Eat blog.

Q&A with Michael Natkin on Oldways’ blog.

Michael and Danny Ahern of Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef demo Michael’s Sabich Salad.

Stuffed and Baked Polenta recipe featured in The Windsor Star.

included in Crosscut’s cookbook roundup: “It wouldn’t be Seattle if there were not also an earnest, unadorned vegetarian cookbook to put all those passive-aggressive diners and self-centered fusspots to shame. This is where Michael Natkin comes in.”
Also featured on his blog, Cornichon.

Herbivoracious featured in The Boston Globe’s 2012 cookbook roundup by T. Susan Chang.

Herbivoracious included in eat drink RI’s cookbook gift guide: “The subtitle on Herbivoracious is “a flavor revolution” and that’s no understatement. Natkin’s book came out earlier this year and I’ve cooked many items out of it, especially during the summer and fall, but that’s not to say there aren’t plenty of year-round vegetarian dishes in it… Natkin does one of the best jobs of giving the home cook vegetarian dishes that aren’t elaborate, but definitely step up the game from sides to entrées.” Read full review here.

Herbivoracious included in Seattle Weekly’s roundup of “The Year’s Best Cookbooks from Local Authors.”

Herbivoracious included on SheKnows’s Fitness Gift Guide: “One of our favorite health-conscious, plant-based cookbooks, Michael Natkin’s cookbook Herbivoracious: A Flavor Revolution with 150 Vibrant and Original Vegetarian Recipes is a must-have resource in a fit-minded kitchen.” See full gift guide here.

Herbivoracious featured on The Kitchn: “The holidays are a time of feasting and celebration, and Michael’s book is, perhaps more than any other cookbook I have ever found, to be a book of deeply delicious, memorable, and special vegetarian meals. These are luxurious meals to share with everyone.” Read full review here.

Included in Kitchen Arts & Letters’s Holidays 2012 newsletter as a featured new release of 2012.

Herbivoracious included in Culture Cheese Magazine’s “12 Best Cookbooks of 2012” roundup.

Herbivoracious included in Maroc Mama’s “My 5 Favorite Cookbooks of 2012” roundup: “I have made several recipes from the book and have never been disappointed. What impresses me the most about this book is that, while it’s vegetarian it doesn’t feel lacking.  The recipes are diverse, flavorful and unique.” See full roundup here.

Featured in Madama Fromage’s “Food Blogger Gift Guide.”

Herbivoracious was included in The Washington Post’s “Top Cookbooks of 2012” roundup. “If we had to choose one book to cook from in 2012, this would be it. The vegetarian blog of the same name has produced a recipe collection that’s varied and draws on many cultures.” Read full article here.

San Antonio Express-News included Herbivoracious in their cookbook gift guide.

Gorgeously Green called Herbivoracious one of her top 3 favorite cookbooks of 2012, along with Michelle Obama’s American Grown and Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Kitchen. “Herbivoracious by Michael Natkin is to die-for. If you are on the look-out for mouth-watering vegetarian dishes, you absolutely have to own this book.” Read full review here.

Featured in Vegetarian Times’s Best Cookbooks of 2012 Giveaway.

Reviewed on Low Sodium Blog: “Herbivoracious is packed with fun ways to eat vegetables – we think this is where Michael’s wonderful book comes in handy.” Read full review here.

Michael Natkin’s post about Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes picked up on the Seattle KING 5 website.

Review on The Food Poet blog: “‘Herbivoracious’ lives up to its name. Here is a cookbook for herbivores and those aspiring to add more meatless mains and sides into their menus. Here is a cookbook from the voracious appetite for culture, curiosity and clever approaches to common ingredients. Here, Michael Natkin has outdone himself with a delicious debut.” Read full review here.

Herbivoracious blog mentioned by Jeff Gordinier in The New York Times’ Diner’s Journal “What We’re Reading” column.

Michael did a video demo for PBS’s KCTS9 on brussels sprout recipes for fall.

Michael’s recipe for Shiitake Tacos with Asian Pear Slaw shared in The Washington Post.

RecipeGirl Lori Lange featured Herbivoracious as one of her must-have new cookbooks.

Herbivoracious reviewed on The Heritage Cook blog: “Do you love to feed your family healthy meals? Are you always looking for new ideas? Are you tired of the same old meals day after day? Then I have a cookbook that you are going to adore … Herbivoracious by Michael Natkin is the answer to your kitchen conundrums!” Read full review here.

NoshOn.It featured Michael’s Sicilian Spaghetti with Pan-Roasted Cauliflower on their blog for Meatless Monday.

Herbivoracious made the Best Seller List at Queen Anne Books in Seattle this week, as noted in The Seattle Times.

Michael’s Indian Fry Bread Tacos featured on A Culinary Life with Chef Dennis in a guest post by Kathy Blake of The Experimental Gourmand.

Michael’s Chana Masala video demonstration featured on The Daily Meal.

Herbivoracious reviewed on Nashville Scene: “The recipes are inspired by dishes from all over the planet and are guaranteed to impress at your next dinner party. If you serve a meal entirely from this book, the food will delight even the most devoted meat-lover. My guess is that if you never mentioned the meatlessness, no one would ever give it a thought.” Read full review here.

Michael Natkin interviewed by Ellen Kanner and featured on The Huffington Post‘s HuffPost Green.

Interview with Michael on My Halal Kitchen.

Michael’s Maple Pudding with Spiced Pecans recipe featured in The Star.

NoshOn.It featured Michael Watermelon and Sweet Onion Gazpacho in their very first Meatless Monday feature.

Cooking with Amy featured Herbivoracious as one of her “Cookbooks for Right Now.”

KristinPotPie blogged about her experience meeting Michael Natkin at Seattle’s emmer&rye.

Tales of an Overtime Cook reviewed Herbivoracious: “This is a gorgeous cookbook with a lot of innovative recipes. It’s an excellent choice for people who are looking (or even willing) to cut meat out of their diets, as well as try new ingredients and flavors.” Read full review here.

Michael demoed Vietnamese Rice Vermicelli on KING5 Seattle’s New Day Northwest morning show.

Meal Makeover Moms featured Michael’s Ten-Minute Chickpea Salad as a part of their Recipe Redux Blogger Challenge series.

Beth Fish Reads reviewed Herbivoracious as a part of her “Weekend Cooking” link-up: “I was particularly pleased to see that Natkin does not rely on fake meats (soy hot dogs and the like), instead he grounds his recipes in foods you’d find at the farmers’ market or in the outside aisles of the supermarket. At the same time, he isn’t a food snob. His recipes run the gamut from braised endive and smoked asparagus to flavored popcorn and onion rings.” Read full review here.

Gapeys Grub featured Herbivoracious and a meeting with Michael at Emmer & Rye, includes beautiful photos.

Michael quoted in two New York Times articles, on sunflower shoots and summer “vegetable anxiety.” The NYT also printed his recipe for Burrata with Shredded Sugar Snap Pea and Crispy Shiitake Salad.

Awake at the Whisk reviewed Herbivoracios and shared the recipe for Huevos Ahogados.

Bill Daley interviewed Michael for The Chicago Tribune.

Terry from Blue Kitchen reviewed Herbivoracious and shared Michael’s recipe for Potato and Green Bean Salad with Arugula Pesto.

Michael demoed Rice Vermicelli with Ginger-Grapefruit Sauce on WGN TV Midday News in Chicago.

Food Loves Writing features and photographs Michael’s recipe for Tomato Jam.

Interview with Michael Natkin in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Features recipe for Raspberry-Blueberry Buckle. Also featured on The Daily Radish blog.

Radha Marcum from Delicious Living/New Hope 360 calls Herbivoracious “the best new cookbook this summer.”

Kate in the Kitchen reviews Herbivoracious: “Every dish is simple, yet elegant, running the whole range of time needed for completing the recipes from about 10 minutes to pull together an easy salad to longer, in-depth recipes for those special occasions.” Full review here.

Linda Avery reviewed Herbivoracious for Gwen Walters’s Pen & Fork, includes Michael’s recipe for Stuffed and Baked Polenta.

Cupcakes for Breakfast reviewed Herbivoracious and is offering a giveaway of the book.

Debbie Vanni of The Culinary Cellar says, of Herbivoracious, “Diving into this book is going to be an adventure and a pleasure.” Full review here.

Shore Magazine reviewed Herbivoracious and offered a number of recipes from the book.

Kosher Scoop reviewed Herbivoracious as a part of their Cookbook Scoop column, and featured a number of recipes from the book.

The Experimental Gourmand featured Michael’s recipe for Potato and Green Bean Salad with Arugula Pesto, and is offering a giveaway copy of the book.

Jennifer Baker reviews Herbivoracious and offers a giveaway of the book. Features a number of the book’s recipes.

The Kitchn featured Michael’s recipe for Pan-Fried Tofu.

Olives for Dinner featured Michael’s Tea-Smoked Lychees.

Ugly Food Tastes Better cooked Michael’s Chickpea Fritters and is offering a giveaway of the book.

Interview with Michael on Joy Of Kosher.

Michael guest posted for Blog for Family Dinner, sharing a recipe for Coconut Rice with Black Beans, Plantains and Mango Salsa.

The Chicago Daily Herald reviewed Herbivoracious and plugged Michael’s event Aspen Drive Library.

Review of Herbivoracious on Food, Words & Photos.

Mango & Tomato reviewed Herbivoracious and shared the recipe for Latin American Green Lentil Salad.

Herbivoracious mentioned in Alaska Airlines Magazine June issue.

Jenn Garbee reviewed Herbivoracious in the LA Weekly blog Squid Ink, naming it Cookbook of the Week and asking “Could this be the new (mature) direction of blogger cookbooks?”

Food52 interviewed Michael and featured a number of recipes from the book.

Jersey Girl Cooks covered Michael’s R2L Philadelphia event and shared his recipe for Middle Eastern Bread Salad.

Sonja Groset reviewed Herbivoracious in the Seattle Weekly blog.

Two Eat Philly covered Michael’s event at R2L Philadelphia and shared their remake of his Loaded Otsu Noodles.

Earnest Holistic Health reviewed Herbivoracious and is offering a giveaway copy of the book.

Cooking With Books reviewed Herbivoracious, featured his recipe for Caribbean Lentil-Stuffed Flatbread, and is offering a giveaway of the book.

Mary Makes Dinner covered Michael’s event at The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts and is offering a giveaway of the book.

Sarah Abruzzese covered Michael’s San Francisco event at Omnivore Books on Food in the Baltimore Post-Examiner.

Tonia’s Kitchen interviewed Michael and featured his recipe for Cucumber and Mango Salad with Sweet Chili Dressing.

Herbivoracious included in T. Susan Chang’s “Plant Eater’s Paradise: 2012′s Best Summer Cookbooks” roundup on NPR Books.

Eat, Live, Run blogged about Michael’s San Francisco event and shared her rendition of his Portobello and Summer Squash Lasagna.

diet is correct blog covered Michael’s event at The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts in Austin.

Bay Area Bites featured an interview with Michael and his recipe for Chanterelle Banh Mi Bites.

Herbivoracious featured in the Serious Eats “Cook the Book” column.

Domestic FITS reviewed Herbivoracious and shared the recipe for Caramelized Apple and Blue Cheese Crostini from Michael’s Los Angeles event.

Local Boston blogger Eating Places reviewed Michael’s Boston Brunchers event at Moksa.

Michael and Herbivoracious featured in The Boston Globe.

Brian Knowles reviewed Herbivoracious for

Michael’s Herbivoracious event at R2L Philadelphia featured on All I Eat Food!

I Can Cook That reviewed Herbivoracious: “The recipes are really inventive and sound so appetizing that you won’t even wonder where the meat is.”

Herbivoracious received a starred review in Shelf Awareness.

Sippity Sup reviewed Herbivoracious, reinforcing that it is not a cookbook for vegetarians alone.

Mother Nature Network reviews Herbivoracious and offers recipe for popular Chevre with Sauteed Grapes.

Michael’s R2L Philadelphia event featured on

Super Duper Fantastic covered Michael’s event at Cookhouse and is offering a giveaway copy of Herbivoracious.

Acclaimed food writer Addie Broyles reviewed Herbivoracious on (part of The Austin-American Statesman).

Interview with Michael Natkin posted by Bay Area News Group, syndicated to, The Contra-Costa Times, and

Girl Eats World is offering a giveaway copy of Herbivoracious.

Herbivoracious given a starred review in Publishers Weekly: “Both bored vegetarians and conscientious carnivores will appreciate this excellent collection.”

Michael’s Austin, TX event featured on Blinded by the Bite blog.

Michael Natkin and Herbivoracious featured in The Seattle Times.

5/2/12 review of Herbivoracious.

TasteSpotting offers two free copies of Herbivoracious; giveaway highlighted on their homepage.

PBS Parents does interview with Michael and shares recipe for Dutch Baby with Sauteed Apples.

Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen reviews Herbivoracious and Michael’s recipe for Super Frico Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

Winnie Abramson of Healthy Green Kitchen reviewed Herbivoracious and included a recipe for sabich (Iraqi-Jewish eggplant sandwich).

Chef and cookbook author Becky Selengut reviewed Herbivoracious on her blog, Chef Reinvented, putting it simply with “Herbivoracious is a really good cookbook. Period.”

4/19/12 reviewed Herbivoracious and is running a giveaway of the book until April 29.

Herbivoracious mentioned in Grant Butler’s Going Vegan column on

Veggie Belly ran a review of and recipe from Herbivoracious, and is offering a giveaway of the book.

The Curvy Carrot ran a review and recipe from Herbivoracious.

Frantic Foodie
ran a review and recipe from Herbivoracious.

Interview with Michael
on about his transition from working in software to a successful food blogging career.

Video demo for Dutch Babies on The Kitchn.

Herbivoracious feature on modernest.

Herbivoracious blog mentioned in “What We’re Reading” column as part of The Diner’s Journal on The New York Times online. Jeff Gordinier says “Michael Natkin offers up a healthier spin on saag. You use yogurt instead of cream, and kale and collard greens slide into that hot pan with the spinach.”

Katie Couric
tweeted: “A great blog for all you vegetarian foodies out there!

Recipe for Crispy Yeasted Waffles from Herbivoracious posted on Sweetly Serendipity.

Tales from a Kitchen Misfit, a FoodBuzz Featured Blogger, reviewed Herbivoracious and included the recipe for Mushroom Linguine.

Recipe for Chickpea Fritters from Herbivoracious posted on Baking Me Hungry.

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