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Korean Tacos

Posted by Avi

Wednesday September 8, 2010

After our David Chang-inspired ramen feast, we saved a big container of kimchi (which just gets better and better over time), lots of quick pickles, and at least half of the salt- and sugar-rubbed pork shoulder.

Korean-style tacos had to be the best way to dig into the leftovers. I’d never actually had this Korean-Mexican hybrid dish, but they’re really storming across the country. Credit Kogi BBQ, a pack of four food trucks in L.A. that tweet their daily locations, for putting them on the map. Kogi was started a few years ago by Roy Choi, a 2010 Food & Wine Best New Chef, and it now has nearly 75,000 followers on Twitter. Why wouldn’t they with specials like Spicy Pork Tacos and Kimchi Quesadillas that cost the same as most menu items at Taco Bell?

With our Momofuku ramen leftovers, we made a go at Kogi-style Spicy Pork Tacos. We didn’t know Choi’s recipe, but with the quality of those leftovers we couldn’t go wrong. I shredded some of the pork shoulder and reheated it. We spooned out the kimchi and pickles into small serving bowls. Kind of old blue corn tortillas may not have been the best wrappings for these high class ingredients, but they were all we had in the freezer and were actually pretty good after being warmed in the microwave. (Kogi trucks make their own traditional Mexican corn tortillas.) Two condiments, a spoonful of hoisin sauce and a dollup of sour cream on each taco, were the final touch.

For a lighter, fresher side dish, I made one of my favorite salads from Vegan Planet: Asian Pear & Baby Spinach Salad. Author Robin Robertson suggests a warm walnut dressing, but I didn’t have either walnuts or the patience to make dressing from scratch, so I used my already-made homemade vinaigrette that I always keep on hand. The sweet pear and crisp spinach were the perfect compliment to our spicy tacos. Not Kogi quality, surely, but still a respectable first attempt at Korean tacos.

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