Paul Kirk’s Championship Barbecue

BBQ Your Way to Greatness with 575 Lip-Smackin’ Recipes from the Baron of Barbecue

By Paul Kirk

PaulKirksChampBBQA legend on the barbecue circuit, a master of the craft, a true son and practitioner of the art, Paul Kirk is also a teacher and mentor. At last he shares all his experience so that anyone can achieve barbecue glory in his or her own backyard.

The Baron explains it all: the differences between barbecuing and grilling; how to build different kinds of fires and what kind of fuel to use; setting up the pit or grill (and what works best for what purposes); what tools are needed; how to prepare food for the grill or smoker; when and how to use bastes, glazes, sauces, and rubs; and how different cuts of meat work best. There are also handy charts of smoking and grilling times.

The dishes range from everyday and down-home to exotic and special-occasion, but all are within easy reach of the backyard cook. Those kings of BBQ, beef and pork, get the royal treatment with recipes like Terrific T-Bone with Redeye Marinade, the Baron’s Famous Barbecued Brisket, Apple-Smoked Pork Tenderloin, and Grilled Cuban Garlic and Lime Chops. And there are dozens of recipes for ribs. Other chapters focus on lamb, sausage, poultry, and fish and shellfish, with recipes including Lamb Fajitas with Sizzling Citrus Marinade, Onion Bratwurst, Honey Smoked Chicken, Barbecued Turkey with Sweet Black Pepper Rub, Cayenne Grilled Tuna, and Smoked Trout and Bacon. Plus there are extensive chapters on marinades, sauces, rubs, seasonings, and slathers. Side dishes offer dozens of variations on traditional trimmings: potato salads, coleslaw, beans, cornbread, and macaroni salads.

It’s all rounded out with plenty of stories about Paul Kirk’s adventures in barbecue competitions. And if they sound like too much fun to pass up, there are even tips on how to get involved in competition.


“If I need to know something about barbecue at 4 o’clock in the morning, I’m calling Paul Kirk. He’s the Yoda, the Obi-Wan, the Oracle of the bbq pit. Championship BBQ is just that, the collected wisdom of a grand master.”
—Anthony Bourdain, executive chef at Les Halles and host of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations

“Paul Kirk not only talks the talk, he walks the walk, and has the awards to prove it. You can’t open this book without learning something new, and more often than not it is astonishingly simple—the sure touch of an old pro. There are lots of great recipes in these pages, but what gives this book its true heft is its wealth of considered experience, gained from decades coaxing meat to perfection in a smoking pit.”
—John Thorne, author of Outlaw Cook and Pot on the Fire

“Virtually a barbecue bible; a great resource for the novice and pro alike. A must on your barbecue list!”
—Waldy Malouf, chef/co-owner Beacon Restaurant and author of High Heat—Grilling and Roasting

“The Baron of Barbecue has created a comprehensive guide to help everyone take their barbecuing skills to the next level. Novice barbecuers and seasoned competitors alike will find plenty of helpful tips and great recipes. Read this book and get fired up!”
—Steve Noll, chairman of American Royal Barbecue

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