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Sugar Magnolia’s

Posted by Annie

Thursday November 1, 2012

Perched on Boston’s North Shore, the sleepy seaport of Gloucester has garnered fame for its seafood and infamy as the site of The Perfect Storm. But though fishing is a key piece of “Glosta’s” culture, the town deserves a spotlight for another reason. Gloucester’s lesser-known (but equally important) contribution to North Shore gastronomy is Sugar Magnolia’s.

Sugar Magnolia’s (Sugar Mags for short) is a warm café tucked into Gloucester’s Main Street. With more-than-generous portions and innovative dishes, Sugar Mags has been converting customers into regulars for years. The café’s wood floors are washed in the light of large sidewalk windows, and servers navigate brimming tables with heavy plates of giant omelets, syrupy sweet bread French toast, and Crab Cakes Benedict. While the restaurant offers both breakfast and lunch, Sugar Magnolia’s truly hits its stride with the breakfast menu.

sugar magnolia's breakfast sandwichBesides finding a vacant table, the customer’s hardest work is choosing what dish to order. An easy choice would be the restaurant’s famed platter-sized Carrot Cake Pancakes, served with a dollop of Maple Cream Cheese Butter. But even if you can answer the age-old breakfast dilemma – sweet or savory? – the extensive menu is bound to make you second guess your choice. My method is to order something savory (usually the breakfast sandwich detailed below) with a side of sweet. After all, who says you can’t have your pancake on the side and eat it too?

I submit this breakfast sandwich as one of the café’s all-stars. The fig, egg, and arugula flavors blend in an understated combination that is at once surprising and cohesive. Hearty, healthy, and delicious, this is the perfect breakfast. And if Gloucester is too far away, you can recreate Sugar Mags’ tastiest egg sandwich in your own kitchen. Though if there was ever a breakfast worth traveling for, this is it.

Egg, Fig, and Arugula Sandwich (Or, The Very Best Breakfast Sandwich)

You will need:

  • -1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • -1 egg
  • -2 tablespoons of goat (chevre) cheese
  • -2 tablespoons fig preserves (or marmalade)
  • -Handful of fresh arugula
  • -Two slices of whole-grain bread (whole-grain English muffins work just as well)


Fry the egg in oil over medium heat until the egg white is firm and the yolk slightly runny. At the same time, toast the bread/English muffin halves. When toasted, spread goat cheese on one slice of bread the fig preserves on the other. Add the arugula, place the egg on top, and press bread together. This hearty and flavorful sandwich will keep you full throughout the morning!

Recipe adapted from Sugar Magnolia’s

Visit Sugar Mags online at: http://sugarmags.com/


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