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Syrian-Jewish Recipes for Passover

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Friday March 21, 2008

Anyone who’s prepared a Passover Seder has felt the pressure of wanting to serve something different from last year, while also honoring tradition by serving the classic holiday dishes. Listeners looking to put something new and exciting on their Seder tables this year can look to the Sephardic Jewish culinary culture of Syria – an area of the world fittingly close to Egypt, where the story of Passover begins.

Jennifer Felicia Abadi, author of the widely acclaimed cookbook A FISTFUL OF LENTILS: SYRIAN-JEWISH RECIPES FROM GRANDMA FRITZIE’S KITCHEN (out now in paperback from The Harvard Common Press), writes that Syrian-Jewish cooking “is a way to work within the bounds of tradition while simultaneously expressing individuality.” The Passover recipes handed down from her family draw upon sweet and savory Middle Eastern flavors and are accessible enough for any home cook to add to his or her holiday repertoire.

Some of the tantalizing Passover dishes that Abadi can discuss with your listeners include:

Zero’ah (Roasted Lamb Shanks) – A moist and juicy dish, infused with garlic and lemon, and a perfect comfort food to serve to a group.

Dja’jeh b’Ah’sal (Chicken with Prunes and Honey) – This rich, sweet dish is a highlight of Syrian-Jewish cooking, and traditional for Syrian Seder tables.

Mish Mosh m’Fis’dok (Cold Rose Water Syrup with Apricots and Pistachios) – A no-bake dessert of cold apricots and green pistachios floating in a light perfume of rose water, this is a refreshing and beautiful end to your meal.

A fun and lively guest for radio, Jennifer Abadi is now available to discuss Passover cooking with your listeners. Please contact me to schedule interviews or to request a copy of the book. Visit http://www.fistfuloflentils.com for more information about the author.


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