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  • Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    We’ve all heard that when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, it’s the thought that counts. Most moms we know love your homemade, unique gifts more than that nice necklace they have been eying at the jewelry counter for months (or at least that’s what they’ll tell us!). That doesn’t mean that the thought has to be last minute or hastily done though. We’re not talking the macaroni jewelry or painted cards from your elementary years, we’re talking sophisticated, impressive homemade food gifts…

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  • Herbal Tea Sachets

    Homemade Herbal Tea Sachets Recipe

    Recipe: Herbal Tea Sachets

    Summary: Handmade herbal tea sachets are easy to create yourself, and the tea may make a common cold or flu easier to endure. You can find bulk herbal tea leaves and blossoms at tea and coffee stores, health-food stores, and online). Each tea bag will hold 1 heaping tablespoon of leaves, petals, or blossoms. You can make sachets that contain a single ingredient or you can create combinations.

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  • Cottage-Style Fresh Rhubarb Tea Loaves

    Fresh Rhubarb Tea Cake Recipe

    Recipe: Cottage-Style Fresh Rhubarb Tea Loaves

    Summary: These simple, quick loaf cakes are perfect with tea and coffee, iced or hot. The fresh rhubarb adds a tart jam-like flavor and keeps the bread moist for days on end. Even if you think you do not like rhubarb, I think you will enjoy this. Makes 10 small loaves

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  • Mango and Tomatillo Salsa

    Homemade Mango & Tomatillo Salsa

    Recipe: Mango and Tomatillo Salsa

    Summary: The tomatillo is a smaller and less acidic relative of the tomato. The combination of the firm, green tomatillo with silky, bright-orange mango makes a mild and fruity salsa that is exceptionally pretty. Makes 2 quarts.

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  • A Dozen [Dessert] Eggs

    Cake-Stuffed Egg Shells

    Recipe: Another Dozen Eggs (For Dessert This Time)

    Summary: Imagine cracking an egg and peeling off the shell to find a perfect bite- sized genoise cake inside. This old French truc, or trick, delights everyone who encounters it. This is a very inexpensive gift, and cakes in eggs are surprisingly easy to make; they’re only time-consuming until you get the hang of it. I have made 6 dozen at a time for party favors, box lunches, picnics, tailgates, and Easter baskets. If you write names on the egg shells, they make very special place cards when set on little mounds of moss or inside miniature bird’s nests (found at craft stores). Just think how much money an industrious bride could save on her wedding cake with this idea!

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  • Herb-Stuffed Eggs In A Wheat Grass Nest

    Herb-Stuffed Eggs Recipe

    Recipe: Herb-Stuffed Eggs In A Wheat Grass Nest

    Summary: Using butter in place of mayonnaise produces a prettier stuffed egg that has a creamier texture and stays fresh longer. Fresh wheat grass adds a lot of organic texture and bright color to the gift for very little money.

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  • For the DIY-er

    This post is a part of The Harvard Common Press’s #BooksForCooks holiday giving campaign. For more information and gift ideas, click here.

    Gourmet Gifts // DIY Food Gifts Cookbook // #BooksForCooks

    We all have that friend or family member who is just SO hard to shop for, simply because they go above and beyond in all gifts they give. This book will make finding their perfect DIY gift all the easier. A beautiful mix of DIY, crafting, and food, it is the first cookbook that gives equal weight to both the recipes, and how to package them. Projects range from hostess gifts like Chalkboard Cheese Board with a Quince Paste, to get-well offerings like Herbal Tea Sachets presented in teacups. You may be giving this book, but we have a feeling you’ll soon be receiving something in return… :-)

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  • Gourmet Gifts in the News

    Gourmet Gifts included in Everybody Eats News’ “Last Minute Cookbooks to Give” gift guide: “A fine collection of little put up jobs you can make and give away.  Not only does Dinah tell you what to make, she offers original gift wrap ideas.” See full guide here.

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  • Dessert Eggs

    Are you all on Pinterest? We are, and boy there is nothing like browsing Pinterest around holidays! There’s just an overwhelming amount of fun and inspiring projects and recipes. One thing we keep seeing pop up all of the Easter-themed boards is cakes baked in egg shells… you have to check out these from Cupcake Project, Ferdakost, radmegan, and Dabbled– so creative!

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  • Thanksgiving Recap

    I’ve never been great at cooking a turkey.

    Or stuffing. Or perfectly-whipped mashed potatoes. Or apple pie.

    So, I contributed to my family’s Thanksgiving dinner this year with two of my other favorite parts of a meal: appetizers and drinks.

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  • A Gourmet Gift

    We received a very special surprise package in the mail today…!

    Gifts from our author Dinah Corley!

    Dinah sent our office the most delicious and beautifully wrapped treats today. Since we have all been working on her new book, Gourmet Gifts, it didn’t take us long to recognize the projects: Amaretti Cookie Clones in a Paint Can, and Big and Soft Rum Raisin Cookies in the most adorable fall-themed containers! Not to brag, but everything was delicious.

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  • The Gourmet Gifts Blog Tour Continues!

    We are now onto the second week of Dinah Corley’s Gourmet Gifts blog tour, and kicking us off today are the lovely ladies of Yay! DIY, with a guest post on hazelnut brittle wrapped in pillow boxes!

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