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  • Happy National Tequila Day!

    I don’t usually need an excuse to drink a margarita, especially during the hot months of summer, but lucky for me, July 24th is National Tequila Day– I now have a ready-made reason to go ahead and enjoy one guilt-free!

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  • How To Be Your Own Ice Cream Truck

    We are well into the heat of summer, and it is hot out! Maybe it’s just Boston (anyone else feeling this too?), but most days I am literally sweating as soon as I step outside of my apartment building. I usually love my long hair, but I have been seriously struggling with not taking scissors to it and giving myself a bob (I’m just too terrified of the wrath of my hairdresser if I were to do so).

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  • Getting Panini Happy

    I’m not quite sure of when it started, but I have recently become obsessed with panini. If I weren’t trying to eat a semi-balanced diet, I could literally have a panini for every single meal and be happy. I fully admit I made my mom buy a panini press for our house, and then made her buy me my own when I moved into my college apartment. It doubles as a grill, so not only can I make sandwiches on it, but I also can use it for grilling vegetables and meat without having to buy a full-sized grill… which I wouldn’t be able to afford anyway on account of being a poor grad student and living in small, rundown apartments with nowhere to put an outdoor grill…

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  • Best of the Web: 4th of July

    Can you believe it’s July already? Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like this summer has just been flying by! Anyone know where June went…?

    July means that my summer classes will be starting, but it also means time to celebrate America! If I’ve learned anything from watching the World Cup these past couple of weeks, it’s that Americans love showing off that red, white, and blue pride. And what better way is there to commemorate tomorrow’s holiday than by sporting those colors while serving up an outdoor BBQ followed, of course, by some fireworks? So don your American flag t-shirts and shorts, paint little flags and stars on your face, or dye your hair red, white, and blue– whatever it is you need to do to express your patriotism! I know that I’ll be showing it off through my food. Last week I put together a list of drinks that would be perfect complements to any 4th of July parties you might be having or attending, and today I rounded up some particularly patriotic appetizers, entrees, and desserts to accompany your feast… here are my choices for 4th of July’s Best of the Web!

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  • How To: Throw a 4th of July Picnic

    Red White & Blue 4th of July Cake Balls

    Red, White & Blue Cake Balls from Cake Balls by Dede Wilson

    This is my first Fourth of July in Boston, and I’m pretty psyched to watch the fireworks over the Charles River, listen to the Boston Pops play, and eat plenty of scrumptious, patriotic food. If you’re planning on spending your holiday outside, chowing down picnic-style like me, then you’re in luck. I’ve put together a special July 4th Picnic menu, from drinks and appetizers to dessert. Enjoy and have a safe and happy holiday!

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  • The Ultimate Summer Drink Guide

    With summer FINALLY in full swing and temperatures hitting the 80s in Boston, all I want to do is laze outside in the sun, enjoying barbeques and sipping on cool cocktails… well, and watch the World Cup and Wimbledon all day, but I digress.

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  • Beyond the Traditional Panini

    As a college student living in Boston on my own for the first time this summer, I have been tasked with cooking my own meals. I’ll be the first to admit that my palate far outmatches my ability to cook, but I am determined to try my best. With no dining halls or campus cafés to provide sustenance, my roommate and I are motivating each other to venture into the kitchen every once in a while.

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  • RE-introducing SMOKE & SPICE!

    The bible on smoke cooking is back, with 450 recipes and 100 color photos!

    smoke & spice cookbook revised edition

    The Harvard Common Press is pleased to announce the publication of the revised edition of Smoke & Spice, on sale this week!

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  • Historic Boston Cookies

    I think it’s fair to say that I’m a pretty big chocolate chip fan. I put chocolate chips in my oatmeal, pancakes, and banana bread. Sometimes on really hard days when I have a bazillion things to do and I’m not particularly interested in doing any of them, I melt a mug full of chocolate chips in the microwave and dip fresh pineapple into its warm gooey goodness. So when I found the Gloria’s Beacon Hill Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe in Dede Wilson’s A Baker’s Field Guide to Chocolate Chip Cookies collection of desirable treats, I pounced. This cookie has two wonderful things going for it: my obvious favorite treat of chocolate chips, and one of my favorite Boston neighborhoods, Beacon Hill.

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  • Introducing: BEST 100 JUICES FOR KIDS

    Best 100 Juices for Kids | Jessica Fisher | Striped Paper Juice Straws

    We are so excited to congratulate Jessica Fisher on her second HCP cookbook, Best 100 Juices for Kids, which published just this week! I fell in love with the plans for this title on my very first day here at the press. As a proud apple-juice-oholic, this book reaches deep into my childhood and reminds me of volleyball club, animal crackers, and Saturday morning cartoons.

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  • Introducing: MARINADES

    Yesterday, we proudly released Lucy Vaserfirer‘s brand new cookbook, Marinades! With 400 recipes to dress up everyday fare, you will never need to eat a dry or tasteless steak, pork chop, piece of fish–or most any meal for that matter–again.

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  • Alternative Party Desserts

    Everybody loves a party. But what’s a party without dessert?

    It’s not. It’s not a party at all. Parties must have dessert, be it brownies, cookies, cake, cupcakes, or something else sweet. My friends and I don’t mess around when it comes to planning a dessert menu. We always end up with more than enough, and everyone eats themselves sick on chocolatey brownies, gooey cookies, and decadent truffles (they’re so small and harmless…until you eat five of them).

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