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  • Rhubarb Rules!

    I have been seeing rhubarb everywhere lately! And rightfully so, as rhubarb is still quite in season in this hemisphere.  Originally used for medicinal purposes, this vegetable (who knew?!) was not used as a food for thousands of years, not until sugar became more easily accessible and available.  Its intensely bitter flavor, mixed with the sweetness of strawberries and other fruits and sugar, makes for some delicious early summer treats.  Here are some of my favorite recipes for rhubarb dishes, including a non-traditional rhubarb pie, a refreshing summer cooler, and a jam mixing fruit and flowers.  Just remember not to use the rhubarb leaves—they can be toxic!

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  • Rhubarb-Rose Preserves

    A few minutes before writing these words, I opened a six-year-old jar of Rhubarb-Rose Preserves, and for a moment I thought that the roses were blooming in the garden. These preserves can raise you out of midwinter blues into happy plans for spring. Dark red rose petals may enhance the color of this jam a bit, but they won’t turn a green jam red.

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  • Apple-Ginger Preserves

    The hot pepper, along with the ginger, gives these preserves a little bite. They are a fine accompaniment to roast chicken or turkey, and just as good with your morning toast. Use a variety of apple that holds its shape well in cooking, such as Golden Delicious.

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  • Making Homemade Jams at “Eat With Me”

    HCP’s own Matt Gregory keeps a terrific blog called Eat With Me, in which to showcase his food photography and document what he’s cooking at home. This past weekend, a real scorcher here in Boston, Matt made strawberry-rhubarb jam out of HCP’s book The Joy of Jams, Jellies, and Other Sweet Preserves, by Linda Ziedrich.

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  • Linda Ziedrich

    Linda Ziedrich is a freelance writer and editor and the author of The Joy of Jams, Jellies, and Sweet Preserves and The Joy of Pickling, now in its second edition. She is the longtime parenting-book editor for The Harvard Common Press and the coauthor of The Nursing Mother’s Guide to Weaning. She lives with her family near Scio, Oregon, where she grows most of the fruits and vegetables she pickles, preserves, and otherwise prepares.

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