The Joy of Pickling, Revised Edition

250 Flavor-Packed Recipes for Vegetables and More from Garden or Market

By Linda Ziedrich

picklingrevised_LG_thumbThe Joy of Pickling, first published in 1998, has long been considered the go-to guide for those who like it sour, salty, and tangy. Pickling is a way of preserving food that has been practiced for centuries, and the recipes in The Joy of Pickling showcase the wide variety of pickling recipes and methods found around the world. Recipes for familiar fermented dill pickles are here, such as Lower East Side Full-Sour Dills and Russian Dill Pickles, as are Old-Fashioned Bread-and-Butters. But cucumber pickles are just the beginning: Author Linda Ziedrich has also included more exotic pickles such as Spicy Pickled Cauliflower, Japanese Pickled Ginger, Cabbage and Radish Kimchi, Extra Sweet Pickled Cherries, and Salsa Verde. There are chapters on fresh, sweet, quick, and freezer pickles, as well as cabbage pickles, miso and soy pickles, pickle relishes, and even pickled meat, seafood, and eggs. This new edition features a completely revised introduction and information on the very latest in pickling techniques, procedures, safety, and equipment, as well as dozens of brand-new recipes. Whether you’ve been making your own pickles for years or are just discovering how simple and fun pickling is, The Joy of Pickling is a must-have guide!


“Among the joys of the American dinner table during the first half of the 20th century were the bowls of homemade pickles. The Joy of Pickling brings it all back to life in simple, informative language with easy-to-follow instructions. I hope everyone who sees this book will open it up and discover the wondrous world of pickles that can be made at home.”

Chuck Williams, founder, Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

“Here’s a global romp through the mouthwatering world of pickles, from Japanese pickled cabbage to Armenian pickled eggplant. The Joy of Pickling makes me pucker up with pleasure.”

Steven Raichlen, author of How to Grill and The Barbecue Bible

“No one knows pickling better than Linda Ziedrich. She provides expert recipes for pickling everything—from apples to oysters to shrimp to watermelon.”

Chef Charlie Trotter

“As a fan of pickles of all kinds, I find this book to be a wonderful resource. Linda Ziedrich has demystified the process of pickling by providing a variety of mouthwatering recipes that are simple and straightforward.”

Martin Yan, food consultant, television cooking-show host, and author of Martin Yan’s Quick & Easy

“Finally, a book that captures the lost art of pickling. Linda Ziedrich and The Joy of Pickling will keep the tradition alive for many years to come.”

Lorne Jones, president and chief pickle officer, Root Cellar Preserves

The Joy of Pickling has been a staple product in our family’s farm market since its first printing. Our customers, whether beginners or old hands, have been delighted as they browse this resource, choosing their own special recipes that will proudly sit on their shelves throughout the year. We call this book our ‘Pickling Bible.’ ”

Sondra (Duris) Andrews, manager of Duris Cucumber Farm & Market, Puyallup, WA

“The variety and authority offered in Ziedrich’s The Joy of Pickling earns it a place in cookery collections, public libraries of all sizes, and many private kitchens as well. Heartily recommended.”

Foreword magazine

“Ziedrich’s book helps even the most novice picklers experience ‘the joy of pickling’ with none of the worry.”

The Oregonian

“This is a book for cooks who love to explore the cuisines of the world.”

Omaha World-Herald

“This book covers every type of pickle and relish imaginable, [with] appealing, easy-to-follow recipes … Whether you like a sweet, salty, sour, or highly spiced pickle, this title has something for you.”

Bella Online

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