The Ploughman’s Lunch and the Miser’s Feast

Authentic Pub Food, Restaurant Fare, and Home Cooking from Small Towns, Big Cities, and Country Villages Across the British Isles

By Brian Yarvin

A tour of the U.K.’s traditional cuisine, very much back in style today, from pubs to country inns to home kitchens, with 100 recipes and over 70 color photographs.

Celebrity television chefs from Great Britain have made Americans aware of a revolution in British cooking. Within Britain, pub and country-inn chefs, food writers, and everyday home cooks are taking a renewed interest in their own traditional cuisine, approaching it now more with pride than with prejudice. Here, the American food and travel writer and photographer Brian Yarvin brings these newly rediscovered pleasures to the attention of home cooks on this side of the Atlantic. He includes lots of pub fare, like Fish and Chips, Shepherd’s Pie, and the titular Ploughman’s Lunch. There are festive main courses like Howtowdie, which is roast chicken in a Scottish style, and, of course, a splendidly done Beef Wellington. The hard-working Brits love big breakfasts, and one chapter is devoted to those, while another celebrates the sandwiches and salads served at tea time. The best-loved British sweets, from the humbly named Plum Pudding and Mincemeat Cake to the amusingly monikered Fat Rascals and Kentish Huffkins, are here as well.

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Published: February 2012
Pages: 320
Trim Size: 9 x 8 in.
Interior Design:
4 Color with Photographs

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