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The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook in the News

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Homemade Ice Cream Cones featured at Recipe of the Week in Austin-American Statesman.

Cheeseburger Patty Melt featured on Cookbooks365.

Italian Tuna Melt Panini featured on

Featured with a giveaway on Leite’s Culinaria: “Main courses as well as breakfast and desserts are all covered in the book.  Don’t Caramel Apple-Stuffed French Toast and Grown-Up Banana Splits sound tantalizing?” Enter here.

Reviewed by Linda Avery for Pen & Fork: “Kathy Strahs’  The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook covers the subject from Aioli to Zucchini. You may be familiar with her blog which has been inspiring panini fans since 2008 and encouraging readers to think outside the box. You don’t have a Panini press? Use a grill, a George Foreman grill or any countertop appliance.” Read full review here.

Reviewed on Meal Planning Mom: “Kathy’s book helps dispel the notion that a panini maker is a uni-tasker appliance that has only one purpose.” Read full review here.

Reviewed on Stephanie Stiavetti’s The Culinary Life: “The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook is a great guide for anyone who wants to eat well, but eat quickly… Given the ease of Kathy’s recipes, this book is a boon for folks looking to put together healthy meals with little work and very few dishes. And really, isn’t that something we all want?” Read full review here.

Featured in The Weston Forum’s gift guide.

Review in the Winter 2013 issue of Culture magazine.

Included in NoshOnIt’s Gifts for a Small Kitchen guide.

Review on An Edible Mosaic: “Of course sandwich aficionados will be sated beyond words with the huge variety of paninis, but Kathy Strahs, author of the Panini Happy blog and The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook, creatively shows just how much a panini press can do beyond making sandwiches.” Read full review here.

Featured in The Virginian-Pilot’s Cookbook Gift Guide.

Featured in Elise Bauer’s Simply Recipes 2013 Cookbook Roundup: “What a delight this book is! Filled with creative and easy recipes for a panini press or any countertop grill (the recipes would be perfect for a George Foreman grill). Did you know you could grill steak on a panini press? How about a wheel of brie? Or a medley of veggies? It’s not just about grilled cheese (though goodness knows I love grilled cheese).”

Featured in Vanilla Garlic’s cookbook roundup: “No matter what you have in your pantry, Strahs prepares and educates you on the art of the panini. More than that, she teaches food pairings, balancing flavor, and introduces new methods and techniques. She pushes the boundaries of a simple panini press and brings new life to a what was once thought a single-use device.”

Included on Hedonia’s Favorite Food Books from 2013 roundup.

Two recipes featured in the Winston-Salem Journal for Thanksgiving leftover inspiration.

Reviewed in Publishers Weekly: “The majority of her recipes are spot-on and fans of grilled sandwiches might have just found their new Bible.” Read full review here.

Turkey-Apple Panini with Fig and Gruyere featured on Life as Mom.

Bacon Crab Melt Panini featured on Food Republic.

Apple Pie Panini featured on Jenna Weber’s Eat Live Run.

Review + recipe for Apple Pie Panini featured on Fifteen Spatulas.

Book featured, along with recipe for Bacon, Cheddar, and Apple-Onion Panini in the Courier-Times.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Panini featured on Food Republic.

Interview with Kathy on Rachel Cooks.

Reviewed in the Beacon Journal.

Book featured on San Diego Food Finds.

Review, giveaway, and interview with Kathy on Foodie Crush.

Review on Catharine McCord’s Weelicious: “I have a great deal of affection for my panini maker. But if you think I spend a lot of time coming up with fun new recipes for it, you don’t know Cathy [sic] Strahs of Panini Happy. She’s the maestro…make that the madame…make that the princess of the panini press!” Read full review here.

Reviewed on Breezy Mama blog: “With everything from panini sandwiches, to grilled meats, to desserts (Ice cream cones! On a panini!), this cookbook is truly inspirational and easy to follow, so everyone from the novice cook to the advanced chef will enjoy it. With tips on what makes the best bread, to how to cook vegetables, to buying a panini press, the result is a no-fail meal.” Read full review here.

Lemon-Basil Grilled Chicken Panini from the book featured on The Lemon Bowl.

Kathy interviewed on MommyPage about Panini-making and the cookbook.

Review on Cookin’ Canuck: “Her book… [is] packed with innovative recipes, playful personal stories and so much gooey goodness that you’ll be salivating just flipping through the pages.” Read full review here.

Reviewed in The Tampa Trbune: “I’m lucky enough to have a panini press to play with at home. What I don’t have are enough great ideas for how to make more than the usual sandwich. So when “The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook” by Kathy Strahs arrived on my desk this week, I was excited to put the book good use.” Read full review here.

Book and giveaway featured on Robyn Stone’s Add a Pinch.

Gruyere, Apple, and Fig Jam Panini featured on

Reviewed on The Kitchn: “Who would enjoy this book? Folks who love their panini press as well as folks who forgot they had one in the closet — this book will inspire regular panini makers with new ideas and give the rest a reason to dust off the press.” Read full review here.

Review and recipe for Apple Pie Panini on Just a Taste blog: “Kathy’s new book, The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook, hit shelves last week and boy does it ever catapult everyday pressed sandwiches into extraordinary panini.” Read full review here.

Review, recipe, and giveaway on Shockingly Delicious.

Review and giveaway on The Pioneer Woman Cooks: “Here’s [a] cookbook I’m very, very, very, very excited about. Kathy Strahs has tackled the subject of panini in the most delicious way. I absolutely died at every page. I couldn’t believe the incredibly delectable panini variations she came up with…and I couldn’t believe how ravenous I was when I finished flipping through the pages.” Read full review here.

Interview with Kathy in the San Jose Mercury News; syndicated to other Bay Area News Group papers.

Review and sample menu on This Week for Dinner.

Review + interview with Kathy on Bakepedia.

Review, recipe, and giveaway on Very Culinary blog: “Honestly, I have never been so excited for a cookbook release. If I didn’t get a freebie copy, I would have bought one, no question.” Read full review here.

Review, Banh Mi recipe, and giveaway of book and panini press featured on author Heather Christo’s blog.

Review, giveaway, and Caprese Panini on Barbara Bakes.

Feature on Kathy and the book in La Jolla Light: “Strahs will help you navigate your way through panini paradise to get the best and most out of this kitschy concept.” Read full review here.

Roast Beef, Asiago, Tomato and Watercress Panini
featured in The Washington Post, and book given away during Live Q&A with food writer Joe Yonan.

Profile of Kathy and preview of book featured in the June/July issue of 92130 Magazine.

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